Cybersecurity Alerts

Social Engineering in Cyber Attacks: Deceptive Tactics

Social engineers use deception to exploit human behaviour, preying on naivety and trust to gain access to sensitive information. Through psychological manipulation, they launch targeted cyber-attacks with devastating consequences.

Zero-Day Vulnerabilities: Understanding and Mitigating Risks

Zero-day vulnerabilities can lead to serious security issues for businesses. Understanding the risks and properly mitigating them is key to avoiding data losses and other damaging effects.

Data Breach Incidents: Lessons and Prevention

Data breaches are a growing threat; however, with the right preparation & vigilance, organizations can reduce the chances of attack. Here we explore the key lessons and prevention strategies needed to stay secure.

Phishing Attacks Exposed: Detection and Avoidance

Phishing scams have become increasingly sophisticated. Today, they often use fake websites to trick unsuspecting victims, stealing their personal data and money. Learn how to spot and avoid phishing attacks to protect yourself from them.

The Role of Two-Factor Authentication in Online Security

Two-Factor Authentication is a necessary part of online security, acting as a second line of defense against cyber-threats. With the increasing use of the internet for everyday activities, it is an essential tool in helping to keep user data safe.